Breast Health: Change your lifestyle !

Taking care of your breasts is not something you need to be scared of, it’s a lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean that you must forget about your favourite treats and start eating rabbit food; all it means is that you need to pay more attention to your lifestyle choices and the food that you eat. The moment you realise the impact of these small changes in your life the easier it becomes to keep it up!

Try to focus on low fat foods, make sure your diet is full of fruits and vegetables especially broccoli.

Not only will this help with keeping your breasts healthy but it might just improve your overall health as well. A healthy diet with all the nutrients and minerals you need will also keep your heart and colon in check.

Find ways to reduce your stress levels through exercise.

Pick a sport or hobby that involves high volumes of physical activity. Exercising can reduce the chances of breast cancer for women who are at high risk. So ask you’re your girlfriends to join you for a work out and help each other stay healthy.

If you are still looking for a reason to stop smoking, then this is it!

Cigarette smoke contains compounds called aromatic amines. Certain aromatic amines are known to cause cancer. A study found that breast cancer risk is higher in perimenopausal women who smoke and women who began smoking at an early stage. Post-menopausal women who smoke are also more likely to develop breast cancer. Remember to limit your daily intake of alcohol that is due to the fact that about 2 to 5 drinks per day, may be associated with a rate of breast cancer that is about 40% higher than the rate for non-drinkers.
The way you live and treat your body will reflect in your health. So make sure you live a healthy lifestyle and continue to take your Biobust pills to keep your breasts in tip top shape always!


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