No more bad breath awkward moments !

Here are a few interesting facts about what might be causing your bad breath!

· Garlic is absorbed into the bloodstream and secreted by the lungs
· Bacteria volatilesulphur compounds (VSC), such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan, harbours on the teeth, gums and tongue
· Food particles get stuck between teeth
· Plaque on or below the gum line
· Dieting may cause ketoacidosis, the breakdown of chemicals during fasting, which smells awful
· Smoking dries out the mouth and contributes to periodontal disease
· Diseases such as lung infections, kidney failure and chronic reflux of stomach acids produce odours
· Milk Intolerance may also cause bad breath

6 Natural Ways To Help You Keep Your Breath Fresh!

· Bacteria volatilesulphur compounds (VSC), such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan, harbours on the teeth, gums and tongue
1) Brush two times a day and make sure that your toothbrush is in good shape. A chewed-up brush will miss those hard-to-reach areas. The main sources of mouth odour are bacteria and decaying food particles. There are hundreds of corners in the fertile land of your mouth where bits and pieces of food stay and rot. So brush regularly and remember to rinse with a mouth wash.
2) Floss after every meal this will help you remove plaque and food that you may not even realize was stuck. Make it as much of a mindless habit as brushing your teeth. At first, your gums might bleed as you dislodge chunks of food that have "stuck" to your teeth and gum for who knows how long.
3) Drink water and avoid coffee, soft drinks or alcohol. Chewing gum or sucking on candy (preferably natural) also stimulates saliva, washing away food particles and bacteria. Keep your mouth moisturized. A dry mouth is a stinky mouth. That's why your breath is worse in the morning; your mouth produces less saliva as you sleep. Saliva is the enemy of bad breath because not only does it physically wash bacteria and food particles away, but it also has antiseptic and enzymes that kill bacteria
4) Fenugreek, one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in four cups of cold water, boil, then simmer for fifteen minutes over a low flame. Strain and drink like tea, we love Fenugreek it is just one of the greatest things nature has provided for us ladies, which is why we included it in our BioBust capsules. It has all the benefits to keep our bodies looking and feeling awesome.
5) Lemon – If you can stand it, a lemon wedge sprinkled with salt will help stop onion or garlic breath. If you still can’t manage the sting of a lemon, put a generous amount of lemon slices in your water.
6) Parsley & Mint – Chewing parsley or mint leaves has been a remedy used for thousands of years. These herbs are especially good if garlic and onions are the source of your bad breath. Parsley is very high in chlorophyll. Chew a few parsley sprigs dipped in vinegar for immediate relief. If you swallow the leaves after chewing them they will be digested and continue to provide breath freshness for quite a while. These plants seem to reduce the production of intestinal gas by promoting better digestion.

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