Lets Get Physical. Why? You might ask well here are a few reasons…

Psychological benefits

Women who are in sports develop high levels of confidence and self-esteem and less episodes of depression. Sportswomen have a more positive ‘body image’.They experience higher states of psychological well-being and self-worth.Women in the sports learn to take risks and be aggressive where required.

Physiological benefits

Regular sport activity can reduce high levels of fat in blood, technically known as hyperlipidaemia. Breast cancer risks are lowered by regular physical activity. Sportswomen have lower levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides, and have lower blood pressure as compared to women who don’t exercise.Chances of osteoporosis reduce drastically in women who participate in weight-bearing exercises. These exercises are necessary to establish bone mass.

Sociological benefits

Sport teaches teamwork, target orientation and other achievement-oriented behaviours. Women, who are involved in one or the other sport, have been found to be more successful in their workplace and life in general. In sports pressure and competition are commonplace. Sport gives players the experience of dealing with realities that teach skills that help women accept challenges. Participation in sports activities is more likely to increase the chances of academic success. Similarly, there should be equal opportunity for girls and women to play sports, so that they too can derive the psychological, physiological and sociological benefits of sports participation. All in all, participating in a sports activity can make one happy and thereby improve the quality of life.

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