Breast Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are often times a women’s worst nightmare because these persistent marks do not seem to go away or fade.

For supple and beautiful breasts, we need to start taking care of the skin around our breasts. The breasts can become dry and itchy if you don't follow a good skin care regimen. Stretch marks are often times a women’s worst nightmare because these persistent marks do not seem to go away or fade. They can make women feel insecure about themselves and their bodies and when stretch marks are located on the breast it can affect a woman’s sense of beauty and leave her feeling undesirable

Stretch marks are an outcome of the expansion and contraction of the skin fibres.

Most women get stretch marks on their breasts after weight gain, pregnancy and menstruation. The fluctuating size makes it difficult for the stretch marks to fade, but taking care of your skin and keeping it hydrated may help reduce the appearance of the marks.

Try this…

Keep your skin moisturized with pure vitamin E oil or cocoa butter. Apply generously to the breast area after showering. Drink plenty of fluids to maintain the skin's elasticity and to keep your skin looking plump. Eat a healthy diet, including skin-boosting vitamins C and E and minerals zinc and silica. Include foods like dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, green and red peppers and bean sprouts. Maintain a healthy weight, which will prevent further shrinking and stretching of the skin and will keep skin sufficiently filled out. Losing too much weight at one time can cause the skin to wrinkle and make stretch marks worse.Wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun when possible to avoid a possible darkening of stretch marks from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

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